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ajayjain's Journal

13 December 1969
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I am a full time writer, journalist and photographer based in New Delhi in India. Not limited in my medium of expression, I am equally comfortable writing for newspapers and magazines, as well as my own own books and blogs.

Starting my writing career in 2001, I have been covering business, technology and youth affairs before deciding to focus wholly on travel writing. I pursue my passion by being on the road as much as I can.

I have written a book, "Let’s Connect: Using LinkedIn to Get Ahead at Work." It is a management book on professional networking using the world’s most popular professional networking site LinkedIn.com. It was published in early 2008.

I have worked for and written columns for national publications in India including The Hindustan Times, Mint, Financial Express, Indian Management, Outlook Business and Rediff.com. I have also edited a youth newspaper, The Campus Paper.

Prior to taking up writing, I have worked in the Information Technology and Sports Management sectors. I hold degrees Mechanical Engineering (Delhi College of Engineering, 1992), Management (Fore School of Management, 1994) and Journalism (Cardiff University, UK, 2002). My schooling was in St. Columba’s School in New Delhi.

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Kunzum.com: The India Travel Show
AjayJain.com: On Public Interest and Consumer Issues

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